Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weigh one day late

and look what you get. only 1 pound difference from last week. Hey, I was on the road and had no self control this week. Man that stinks! Oh well, keep up the fight, Right?! So here is another week to attack it.

weight 347 lbs.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

post from the comments

I was just going to put this in the comments but thought I would post it instead. Grimjack left a comment about my last post. And I wanted to comment on it.

While thinking about what I wanted to say, part of me wanted to just lamblast everyone and pretty much just quit the whole blogging thing. I didn't just say that so I could get people to try and get me to keep blogging. I don't look for sympathy. Ask my family, they know me better than anyone. I have a hard time giving people sympathy when it is a blatant try at getting sympathy. Anyways, I still don't know if I am going to keep blogging but we will just have to see.

Here were the comments from Grimjack:

"You guys know that was a movie, right? They didn't actually have sex."

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you don't really think that I am so stupid that I know this wasn't some kind of porno and that it was just acting. So I am not even going to touch that.

"The movie didn't promote homosexuality. It simply told a story. A sad and actually boring one."

You know what, you may be right. I didn't see any commercials that said, "See this movie, two men having sex in a tent, and it is beautiful" I didn't see the movie. Let me be completely clear about my problem with the movie and Hollywood in general is. You can't just simply tell a story. Once, you hear something, whether it be a story or comment, or whatever, you are changed forever. Everything you do or hear or see changes your life in some way or another.

But what did happen, was the media and homosexual society latched onto this movie with all its might and used it for their own agenda. So I have to "cry loud, spare not" when I see people justify their immoral behavior because somebody made a movie about their choice of lifestyle.

"His character will probably kill alot of people, Does that mean "The Dark Knight" promotes murder? Does "Battlestar Galactica" promote humanities destruction by robot"
"I do find it amazing that people are so put off by that movie, and the social harm it can do, while not having a problem with the routine killings in most other movies"

Bud, I find that completely amazing myself. I agree. I will even go a step further than that. I have a problem with people that are put off by something like that movie, yet have no problem with watching TV shows like "Desperate Housewives", or soaps, or watch movies that have things like people cheating on each other, especially, ESPECIALLY, when it portrays it as being okay and the norm. I don't want to see those movies either. I don't think people should watch any of them. It's not healthy for your marriage or your personal life.

"I'm pretty sure god didn't like killing either. Probably more then gay sex."

I agree with you on this one. But, GOD, and please I respectfully ask you, and anybody else out there, when you post a comment here and use His name, don't disrespect it by not capitalizing His name. thanks. Now, where was I, oh yeah, God doesn't like killing either, and He hates it just as bad, He also hates, a proud look, a lying tongue, A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations (that is where I have a problem with hollywood), feet that are quick to mischief, a false witness, and he that soweth discord among each other. Ps 6:16-19

Anyways, there you have it. I hope I haven't offended you or anyone else. that wasn't my purpose. What was my purpose was to respond to your comment more fully than just a little snippet in the comment section. Really, it is my inability to get my thought out in small bite sized comments. It seems I need lots of room for it, kinda like my rear end. I need lots of room.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here I am in Dallas

and it is cooold!! It's not supposed to be cold here!! I know it winter time but, I was hoping Texas was getting one of those "warm" weeks that they get every once in awhile during the winter. But, no such luck! Oh well.

Well, I was going to go off on all this coverage of another pampered, over paid, make believe actor, but it just makes me mad. Wait......

you know what, I just changed my mind. I can do that since it is my blog after all. And I can put on here whatever I like. So here goes.

Did anyone know that a US Customs officer was run down by a piece of dirt this weekend? Where was the big coverage of this? Oh wait, he didn't make a bunch of mediocre movies, and get paid WAY too much money, just to entertain people.

Why is there more coverage for this pampered, rich boy living in manhattan but hardly nothing about a man that put his life on the line in the defense of his country! That is just pathetic! Really it is! If we would just stop and put it into perspective. who really did more for their country?

And then there is the whole "brokeback" thing. I'm sorry, but as a Christian (and I make NO APOLOGIES for that) I can't celebrate the life of someone that has put out a movie that glorifies a lifestyle that I don't agree with. As a believer, I have to take the Bible as a whole. Not in part, but in whole. I have been reading the bible for 28 yrs and I have yet to find a passage or even a mention on how homosexuality is okay. I find plenty of passages, and history lessons, about how God says it is wrong. But yet to find where God or Jesus ever made room for something like that.

So excuse if I don't sit here and laud the man for his "achievements". But I do feel sadness for a life that was wasted. And that is how I feel. No wait, that isn't strong enough. I should have said. "That is what I know"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weigh in this week

Ok, now this is more like it! Whooo Hooo! Doing back flips people! I jumped on the scale last night after I got done working out. And I didn't have anything to eat since then so I am going to count it! this weeks weight was..... wait for it......

348 lbs!!!!

How about that!! now that is moving! Cool beans! I hope everyone else had as much success, as long as your blogging name doesn't start with W and end in T! HA!! That is like 7 pounds!

I did try alot harder with the eating, and got a chance to work out a couple of times this week. Next week will be a big test. I have to travel to Dallas next week and will be gone for the week. It is hard to eat well on the road. I am will just have to buckle down and make it happen. There is one good thing though, all the hotels I will be at have good excersize centers, so that will help. Maybe I can get a full week of workouts in!

I will post JoeCool's weight as soon as he gets it to me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My second job

Apparently this is now my second job. I must come on here and post something so my brother has something to read while he searches for monkeys smelling each others poo on the Internet.

Apparently I am his only other form of entertainment, and am only here for that purpose.

Here, watch me do back flips. 1.... 2.... 3.... GO! Whoooooo Hoooooo! now wasn't that fun. now what should I do, ummm let me think.

Oh I know, I am now picking my nose, Whooo Hooo! Isn't that funny!

Hey Joe, you having fun yet! I know I am!

There, now leave me alone.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weigh in and meeting

Well ,I am still in Maryland, took a drive up to MA on Thursday night and fixed on of our units on Friday and then drove back down on Friday night. Saturday I met up with my friends from the blogosphere:Wyatt, Fitch, RT, and Captain America. We met at Famous Dave's for lunch. What a great time. Short of all "constructive criticism" I received from my fellow bloggers about my inability to use punctuation and spell check. Apparently your supposed to use commas and periods and semi-colons and paragraphs and spacing and capitalization and spelling and other fancy things. Whatever! Excuuuuuse me! Ah shoot I just used exclamation marks! I had a great time though!

Now for the weigh in: Looks like I am back at square one. Weight: 355 lbs. Amazing that I even lost 2 lbs. I'll take it, especially with the travelling that I have done this week. My hat off to Wyatt for the big weight loss this week. Well done, Detective!! I hope everyone else did well. Oh yeah, and with all the food wyatt ate today I think he is going to gain weight this week! BWHAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHA

How is that for color

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Road Trip!!

Well, I'm on the road again! Got an emergency call to take care of a couple of units of ours in Baltimore and Boston. So I flew out today and now I am in a room in Annapolis. Hope to try and hook up with my fellow bloggers in Philly, who knows maybe! We'll see. But now for a couple of things I saw today:

First up, I think we can do without these type of imigrants: Somebody ought to throw this idiot off a bridge! I mean what in the world were you thinking! Puuuuleaaase let me in a room alone with this guy for about 15 min. that is all I ask. I know this guy had a drug problem, but come on there is just something wrong with you, there are plenty of druggies that don't throw their children off a bridge! It's like this commercial I heard today in the car, it was a public service annoucement. The kid (mexican, just saying is all) said that he got his start into drugs and stealing because he didn't feel like his mom didn't care about him, all she did was sit around the house. Hey Paco, how about you caring about yourself and not letting yourself become a juvvie with a record. Whatever happened to personal responsibility anyways!!

Second: Umm, do you have someone that looks like my wife? What in the world? You have just got to be kidding me here right?
"Hey honey, what are you doing tonight?"

"Um, I um, gotta work late, yeah thats it"

"Oh Okay, I'll see ya later"

Later back at the brothel,

"Hey, wait a minute, you sure look like..... hey you are my wife!"


third: Suuuure Muslims love their children All I have to say about this is, where are all the womens rights people coming out against this abortion of a religion!

Finally: Contary to popular belief, I did not fall in the ocean!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

What is wrong you ask, Well I will tell you....

Well, I will probably step on a couple of toes today but, this is just got me really sad!! My wife and I were at Walmart the other day standing in line at the check out and Elina picks up a People magazine. The cover caught our attention. Since I have entered into this challenge with everyone to lose weight, I pick up on things about that. So this is their annual weight loss issue. It has success stories of individuals and couples that have lost tons of weight. And I mean TONS of weight. One wife and husband over 2 yrs time lost 560 lbs combined! THAT IS AMAZING!!!! That is like Wyatt and me combined! Kinda puts that into perspective doesn't it. Anyways, that was nice and all. The stories were uplifting and inspiring. So as Elina was paging through the magazine, we found an article about teenage pregnancy. Girls in their early teens pregnant or have already had their children. How tragic it that! Now here is where I may lose a few of you, but oh well, so be it!

Fathers we are to blame! It’s not the girls fault; it’s not even the boys fault! No matter if we want to smash his little pea brained head in! Sure they bear some of the responsibility for their actions. But we are ultimately at fault here! We have allowed society to minimize the importance of a man in the life of his child! Not just a male presence, but a MAN who will set boundaries, to set rules and disciplines for when they are broken. To set them for both their girls and boys. It does take two to tango you know! But along with that comes the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for that little girl!! The kind of love, no matter what they look like, what they like, whether it is in line with your likes or dislikes, you LOVE them. Trust me, a little girl knows when her daddy loves her! Too many times the MAN of the family does not perform his duties to his family like he should, We have all heard and know the excuses! The MAN of the family should be the rock, the shelter, and refuge from the world for his little girl!! Not the mamby, pamby, emasculated male version that society would have you believe is the right kind of parent for your daughter! Society thinks that a man or woman can be each others roles. I am sorry but that is just flat out wrong! It is not born out in nature, and it surely isn't true for the species on this earth that have a brain to reason with. It is not healthy for a child, boy or girl, to be raised by 2 women or 2 men. or just one woman or one man. I know that sometimes due to problems in the family and such, it is necessary for a woman or a man to leave their husband or wife. But, let me tell you. It makes your job that much harder. If you are a one parent family, then by all means put aside that fact that you hate your ex, I know there are exceptions like the safety of the child, but that person is still your childs Daddy or Mommy. And your little girl needs her daddy and her mommy! Both of them. I know most people may not agree with me, but if you put aside your selfish desires for a minute, and focus on your daughters life for a minute you will realize that your little girl needs her daddy and mommy! And I am not even going to start to broach the subject of same sex parents, because it doesn't even deserve my time. It is just flat out wrong and that is all there is too it! Society thinks that the reason girls are having children at such a young age is due to the fact that there just aren't enough programs in school to teach our children how to protect themselves. I tell you that is nothing but horse puckey! The reason girls and boys are having sex at this age is because somewhere, somebody told them, either through, words or actions, that it is okay, just as long as you protect yourself. The only sure fire way to protect yourself is to not do the act in the first place! If you do your job like you were supposed to, your daughter wouldn't need to feel like it is okay, no matter who or what she was told by others. Yet society, screams and yells whenever concerned parents try and get initiatives passed that allow for the programs that teach abstinence instead of the others. Well, I have rambled on enough. And I don't write all that well. But if I could leave you with one thing. And that is, Think about someone else besides your own desires when you make decisions that will have an affect on others. Your children did not have a say on when they came into this world, you brought them here and they are your responsebility! Own up to it and be a MAN!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weigh in

Well, I weighed 355 lbs earlier this week, and now I weighed in at.....

357 lbs!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!! I am going to be the first one to 400 lbs!! I can just see the gift certificate now! Congrats to the 400 lb dude!! Bow to me the biggest man here!! Whooo,


You mean?



Heh, sorry, I thought we were seeing who could GAIN the most weight in 6 months! CRAP!
Well, I think Wyatt needed a head start anyways! HA! I will astound you next week!

JC's weight is: probably really bad since he is not answering the phone to tell me how much his weight is!! HA HA Fatty boy!!

UPDATE: JC came in at 227 so he lost 3 lbs!! Great job little bro!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I feel like the 500 lbs gorrilla in the room

Except I don't quite weigh that much. But now for the unveiling.

Announcer: And in this corner fighting in the green and white striped trunks, we got them at one of our sponsers for the fight, so go see Al's Tent and Awning store for all your tent and awning needs, or in Sssteve's case, your boxing shorts. Hailing from the Left coast, the liberal NW, the land of fruits and nuts, weighing in today at.... Wait is this right? Whew, your a big boy, weighing in at 355 lbs!

Man, I didn't realize how grossly obese and fat I was!! What a Lard butt! Man. Well, here we go. I will post my weight loss every saturday. So at least come by and have a good laugh on Saturdays. Oh yeah I will post JC's too. His weight will be fortwith as soon as he gets it to me.

Man, I'm fat.

wow, what a light weight!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'm a BBG, Big, Beautiful, Guy that is!

Okay, here we go! I may not do to well on the fantasy side of competition. (Wyatt smoked me pretty much in both fantasy baseball X 2 and fantasy golf) But, this is the real deal! Good old competition!! It looks so far like there is going to be 4 of us in this competition!! Anyone else want to get it? Now is your chance! I am currently weighing in a 345! but I'm big boned! and 6'4". I think my bones alone why 150 lbs! HA! Anyway, I am shooting for a target weight of 245 or less. I don't think I will make it in 6 months but hey I will give it a shot! So stating today. IT IS ON!!

Oh yeah, we need some kind of incentive, or wager if you will! Maybe, a Ruths Chris steakhouse gift certificate or something. Maybe, everyone could give some ideas. And if any of those that are participating don't want to do the wager they don't have to!

OKAY! LET THE LOSING BEGIN!! you bunch of fatty pants!!