Saturday, July 12, 2008

Conservative voice lost


I'm sure you have heard already, but Tony Snow has passed away at the YOUNG age of 53. He lost his battle with cancer. It truly is a sad day in the conservative movement. I believe he left behind a wife and 3 children. Every time I caught his radio program, he spoke of the values that I believe in. Contrary to what the wacked out left wants everyone to believe, he was not a shill for President Bush. I heard him criticize President Bush when he deserved it. And praised the President when he deserved it.

I wonder if he will get the same love fest that Tim Russert got. He was just as influential as Tim. He was just as fair. But I seriously doubt it. No he will get ripped and slammed on sites like moveon, and others. Regardless that the man just died.

God rest his soul.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sooo little time.....

to do what I like doing. Like posting on this blog. My readership has dropped from family and a few blogging friends, down to just one or two friends. Even my family doesn't come around any more. Of course, I can't blame them, with a post a month, who can keep readers right?! Oh well, what can ya do?

So I thought I would let ya know where I have been. I think pretty much around the world. After this trip that I am currently on, I will have been out of the office for a month. I was in Illinois two weeks ago, and then I was in the western part of Pennsylvania, by Pittsburg. By the way, that is a beautiful part of this country. If you get the change see that country. I found some great building built not more that 20 yrs after our Country was bourn. That's right, I saw this brick building, I think it was a tavern at one time, that was built in 1796! Amazing. Cool stuff.

This week and next I will be in Minneapolis for a big show and pre rallys. My wife and children fly out to Missouri, tomorrow. And they will be there for about 6 weeks. So I got to see them for a couple of days between trips and won't see them again for another 6 weeks. That sucks! I already miss them.

Well , I hope you all have a great week.