Monday, September 25, 2006

This isn't even funny! not one single bit!!

It's funny, but how true it is makes my blood boil! I am so sick and tired of hearing of the tired and poor coming to this country! Quit sending your tired and poor!! Send your intelligent and wealthy! I want some one coming here that is going to be a productive member of society! Come and embrace the AMERICAN culture! Don't bring yours and expect it to fit in here! If your culture is so great, STAY where you are! If this makes me a racist, then so be it! I'm a racist!
" In a new poll put out today, 51% of Americans say that illegal immigration is a serious problem, the other 49% said "no habla ingles"! I would do a upside down exclamation mark but all I know is english!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogging fever has got another one!

Hey everyone, all 5 of my readers! HA! I would like everyone to please go and visit my Cuz who has started his own blog. He has commented here as Wreckse. And has now started his own blog called Go make him feel welcome. He's a musician so you know you can't believe a word he says but he will be funny! J/K! He isn't funny at all! HA! I just kill myself! Those joke classes are really paying off! Some of his hobbies are long walks on the beach, little puppies, and watching the lifetime channel! Just what the women ordered! You go now!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You've lost that Blogging feeling, Ooooohooooh!

I'm scared, I don't know where to turn, I don't know who to talk to! I think that I could give up this blogging thing today and never look back. I don't know, in the past two weeks, everytime I tried to post something, either I couldn't come up with something, or I just didn't care. And that stinks, because anyone that knows me, knows that I can speak my mind about any subject at anytime, anywhere regardless if I know anything about that subject or not! It doesn't matter to me if I know anything about it or not, I'm sure I have an opinion about it!

Somebody answer me this: How is it, that someone could make a movie about Pres. Bush being assasinated, and I don't hear of one, NOT ONE, democrat or liberal speak out against it?! You haven't even heard some one say, "Ya know, that probably shouldn't have been done." Or how about, "My, that is a little over the top". Lets listen and see if we can hear anyone saying that......... *crickets*! That's all ya hear! Now, lets try and make a movie showing the Clinton administration in just a bad light, like they made a mistake ore someting... WHOOOOA! You would have thought that we made a movie of clinton getting his head chopped off... oh wait, we only make movies of Bush having that done to him! What a bunch of hypocrites! I'm telling you this world is not for long! I'm sorry but that is just how I feel! I was going to move on but I can't. Where are the people coming out and saying, Hey, you can't do that, this is still the President of the US!! I don't care if you don't like him! You can not allow someone to show that drivel here in the US! I would not want it shown here if it showed the murder of Clinton, or Carter or JFK or any other presidential democrat! There is a line that is being crossed here and when you cross lines, generally you can not go back! So if this is okay, in 2009, if and I say IF, there is a democrat president, and someone makes a movie about killing that president, what is going to be the outrage? Will the ones that are silent today, voice their outrage over something like that for a demorcratic president? Of course they will! And I will too! It is just wrong for it to be done!!
Rant over*

Oh yeah, have a great day!