Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weigh in this week

Ok, now this is more like it! Whooo Hooo! Doing back flips people! I jumped on the scale last night after I got done working out. And I didn't have anything to eat since then so I am going to count it! this weeks weight was..... wait for it......

348 lbs!!!!

How about that!! now that is moving! Cool beans! I hope everyone else had as much success, as long as your blogging name doesn't start with W and end in T! HA!! That is like 7 pounds!

I did try alot harder with the eating, and got a chance to work out a couple of times this week. Next week will be a big test. I have to travel to Dallas next week and will be gone for the week. It is hard to eat well on the road. I am will just have to buckle down and make it happen. There is one good thing though, all the hotels I will be at have good excersize centers, so that will help. Maybe I can get a full week of workouts in!

I will post JoeCool's weight as soon as he gets it to me.


Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

AWESOME JOB!!! Keep it up, chief, and we'll be able to ride a tandem bike without flattening the tires.

Not that there's anything wrong with that . . .

12:31 PM  
Blogger Ssssteve said...

jusssst won't that be fun!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Mrs Grim said...

Awesome job! That's great!

*whisper* if you weigh yourself in the morning, you'll weigh less.

Good luck this week on your trip.

1:20 PM  
Blogger RT said...

That is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and proud of you. It is so hard to get into a groove and to keep it.

Good luck this next week. Just keep reminding yourself of the big reasons why you are doing this. :) In fact, I already prayed for you and your trip.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Way to go! Mine was four...Happy though!

3:50 PM  
Blogger JoeCool1013 said...

Touchy feely, Touchy feely!!!!!
Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla...
I weigh 228. I ate like a Wyatt-Sssteve love child and STILL lost weight.
I will now go consume a whole pkg. of Oreo's.
Mmmmm good.
Ssstevie-boy, did you lose weight because you picked ur nose???

4:29 PM  
Blogger RT said...

Geez, Joe, you got PMS or something?

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Joe doesn't have a blog? I linked you to me so I didn't have to goto wyatts page to get to you.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job big guy. Good luck eating on the road. I find it usually comes from the liquid calories in pop. Even lighter guys like me put a few more pounds on during trips. Discipline yourself and not the food and you can still make progress toward your goal.
One last piece of unsolicited advice (compliments of Rob), light breakfast of fruit along with snacks throughout the day keep the metabolism moving.
If that desn't work, you could always do a colon cleanse ;) (Don)

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sssteve---tell us all about the colon cleanse! Good luck with the diet! As long as you have a gym where you are, might as well use it!


11:40 AM  
Blogger Libby said...

anonymous, would you honestly suggest someone doing a colon cleanse when they're going to be in a car, and more likely than not (if they have luck like me), will be stopped in a 5 mile traffic jam for 6're just sadistic! good job, sssteve!! i'm proud of ya!!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Ssssteve said...

Libby: Don, is one sick boy! He colon cleanses by going to Taco Bell!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Ssssteve! Oh! By the way, Don doesn't go to Taco Bell for a colon cleanse.......he goes there to get gas. McDonald's is where he goes to get the colon cleanse ;P! Hee hee

7:19 PM  

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