Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What? What's this? A new post?

Is there even anyone out there, there, there..... *crickets*

Oh well, maybe I can get this thing back started up to a few posts a week again. I mean come on, if I can't find anything to talk or rant about now then whats the use? So here goes.

First, Happy Veterans day to all those that have served this wonderful country!! From the very beginning of this great nation, it has been those Men and Women who go to the battle lines to keep us safe, that should be recognized for their service. Not the politicians who serve their self interests who should be lauded, but those Men and Women that served. Our politicians today are mostly not honorable men and women, the fight tooth and nail to erode our values, liberty and freedoms every single day. I wonder how many of those in congress are financially secure. They elite in this country are making decisions for those of us that are working our tails off just to keep all the balls in the air at one time. Serving this country in the House or the Senate was not meant to be a lifelong career. It was meant for people, that still were in touch with the common man, to be the ones in those seats. Now more than ever, we need to have some kind of term limits on these idiots.

Second, my heart and prayers go out to those that have lost their loved ones at Ft Hood. We pray for their comfort. Never again should political correctness get in the way of finding out just who and what a person stands for. If you show tendencies toward associating with known haters of America then you ought not hold positions like this man did. It's not right. No excuses for this man, he did wrong just as much as Timothy McVeigh did wrong. Same sentence! And I'm sorry if this offends those of you coming over from facebook, but as a society and nation, there have to be consequences for this kind of behavior.

Third on the list is, I'm still a fat slob, no wait I take that back, I'm just fat, I've never been a slob! So it's on to getting my fatness to go away. I will keep trying, I'm tired of shopping at the big and tall sections because I'm fat, I just want to shop there because I'm tall. I will always be big that is just how it is. I think my skeleton alone weighs more than The Detective, and let me tell you, that's saying something right there! HA!

Fourth, I miss people like Ronaldus Magnus, Lady Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Theodore "T-Rex" Roosevelt. Where have all the good ones gone! Do we not have someone that will speak the truth and not be ashamed. We need leaders, real leaders, not some pantywaist lawyer who wants to understand the psycho who shoots innocent people, or flies planes into buildings, or even blows himself up on a crowded street filled with people of his own religion. We need those that will stand for this great country, and not be ashamed! We were attacked, we did not provoke it. If you hit the USA be prepared to be hit back. My momma taught me long ago, you play with fire your gonna get burnt! These ought to be the words of our President, our Secretary of State, not appeasement. Ask Europe how well appeasement went in the early '40's!


Anonymous linda said...

WOW! A post from Ssssteve! 'Bout time!
So true about recent events--notice how long it took msm to even mention that Hasan was a radical Muslim?
Good to see you back on your blog--let's see how long this lasts! There's plenty to rant about!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see ya back at it. I do think I felt one small earthquake. Good post as usual... keep it up!

10:18 AM  
Anonymous RT said...

1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't agree more.

2. I have the same feeling about my big, dense bones. Keep trying, Ssssteve. I believe you can do it. :)

3. Your momma taught you well!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Joe Cool said...

As usual, your one and done. Are you asleep now???

Excellent again!!! You are wasting your time answering tech calls and picking up the poop...

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Wyatt Earp said...

I miss TR, too. We need him now, more than ever. Welcome back!

10:53 AM  

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