Friday, March 31, 2006

Quit Stealing from my Children!!!

I love my Country!! I am so proud to be an American!! I have Irish, English, Indian, yet I don't look at myself as an Irish-American, English-American, Native-American, I AM AMERICAN! Through and through!! I love everything about this country! From the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our laws that govern our people!! I love that every 4 years I get to vote for the President of the United States of America!! I love that I can go anywhere and do anything I want!! And that is not rhetoric! We can literally do anything we want. You don't like your job, get a different one. Don't like your profession go to school and change! So I totally understand that people from all over the world want to move here and live the American Dream!! But, when you come here ILLEGALLY, and bypass our laws you run crossways with me!! You come here and work, make money that you don't have to pay taxes on, your wives have children in our hospitals and expect me to pay for it, when you get hurt on the job, since you are here ILLEGALLY, you don't use workers comp. for your injuries, you go to the emergency room and have me pay for it again, your children go to school that you have not paid for, so they take money from the budget at school to pay for the bilingual teacher to teach your children in Spanish, money that could be spent on newer books, or on uniforms so I wouldn't have to pay $150 dollars for my child to be in sports, money that could be spent on more computers, money that could be spent on new band equiptment. I know this sounds so harsh but, it is true. You haven't paid any taxes so your children get a FREE education. You are stealing from my children!!!

You know at first I wasn't so jaded and felt kind of sorry for these people. They are just trying to take care of their family. Wrong! They are bleeding this country dry. They are like parasites, they keep taking and give nothing in return. After I read this story that Peakah posted about, everything changed for me!! These people don't give a rats rearend about our children, us, or our Country!! They have the audacity (that means nerve, for those of you in Mexifornia that don't understand all the big English words that we use) to state that this is their country and not ours. Give me a frakking break!! You bunch of pansy, little babies! What there were no people in Mexico before you settled there?! Are you going to give back your country to the Indians that were there before you?! I think not!! So don't give that crap about this being your country and that "whitey" stole it from you! We whipped your butt for it, fair and square! Or did you forget what happened after the Alamo!! Did we trick you out of it? No! We killed enough of your soldiers that you gave up! Threw in the towel! Raised the white flag!!

When you do these marches, and shout these ridiculous chants while you hold up traffic and business, you crap all over those brave soldiers that are fighting for our freedom! Your freedom to come to this country LEGALLY, and get a job to support your family, your freedom to pay taxes that in turn pay for the education for your children. And don't give me that crap that you are doing jobs that Americans won't do! Please! There are enough people here to fill those jobs. I did them when I was younger! Sure lettuce will cost $2 a head instead of .65! I'm willing to pay the difference. People don't try for those jobs because they know that you are already filling those jobs. Your attitude and arrogance, do not help your cause!

I wasn't going to even say anything because every one seems to have already posted something on it. But that post of Peakahs really got my ire up!! Who do you think you are? Coming here and crapping on the citizens of this awesome country! GO HOME!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Funny Blonde jokes!! (sorry julz HA HA)

Funny jokes I heard on my trip to CA!!

Two blondes are sitting at lunch and one blonde takes out her compact and looks in the mirror. With astonishment she declares "Hey I know that girl in the mirror, she is so familiar!"

The second blonde takes the compact out of her hand and looks in the mirror and says "Duh! That's me!" Ha Ha I kill myself!!

Next a redhead tells her doctor that everytime she touches herself with her finger she screams in pain. So the doctor told her to demonstrate. So she touches her leg with her finger and screams with pain. Next she touches her arm with her finger and screams with pain. Next she touches her shoulder with her finger and screams again with pain. Finally the doctor says he knows what is wrong with her.

She says "what is wrong with me?'

The doctor says, "I have one question for you, Your not a true redhead are you?"

She says, "No, I am blonde"

The doc says, "I know, your finger is broken" He he that is funny!!

Funny stuff!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

A few observations

Is it just me, or are all the people in California like, Totally, totaly self absorbed!! Like gag me with a pitchfork!! Boy, I wouldn't want to be injured on the sidewalk around here!! People would walk right on by!

Uber, has a great post about a Libtard that esencially says that those that are religous and private schooled or home schooled aren't as smart or will have as good as jobs as those that are not religous or have been public schooled. I thought I would look up Forbes richest people in the world. Of course we all know about Bill Gates and Paul Allen. There was also Michael Dell, Sheldon Adelson, Lawrence Ellison. All College drop outs! Combined worth 126 billion!! All without a college diploma! Now before anybody jumps me, I know the worth of a good college degree! And I will be pushing my children to get one for themselves!! But, this guy just paints away with those wide brushes they like to use!

And I thought abortions were safe. You know, run of the mill operations and procedures!! Enough said!!

Last but not least!!! I am soo sick and tired of these professional USA athletes that won't play for their country. In this years WBC (world baseball classic) the other countries had their best players playing for their country. But, nooooo not the good old USA. Our baseball players are too busy or important to stoop down that low to play for your country. And so we get an early exit out of our own tournament!! We created this game for goodness sake!! We've got men and women like Captb. putting all on the line for their Country! Yet we can't get some spoiled, rich brats to play a measly baseball tournament!!

And everyone keep Wyatt and his family in your prayers!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Cool Personality test!!

Dynamic Analyst

This is cool!!

Take it Here

Saturday, March 11, 2006

On The Road Agaiiiiiin!!!

Well, I am on the road again! On my way to SoCal! Anybody know of any good golf courses in and around palm desert or Santa Barbara? I'ts not all work down here you know. Got to get all these motorhomes taken care of! Be back soon!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A box of Donuts

Sorry Wyatt, I know you are trying to leave these things alone but you are losing more weight a week than I am and I can't have that! So I will tantalize you with some visions of donuts!! Mmmmm Donuts!!

First donut out of the box is..... Apple fritters, because they look like poop, and my last post was about poop! I guess I need to get a ghost writer or something, because I am pitiful at getting my point across. Partially to blame is trying to post while playing my oldest son Tiger Woods 06 on the PS2. The poop picking up story was not so much about people letting their dogs poop outside. Because I would rather a Great Dane or a German Shepard poop out in the grass than in these peoples living room! I understand that. What I was trying to get at, and not very successfull I might add, was the lifestyle of these Yuppy, Subaru driving, granola head, tree hugging, Kerry for pres bumper sticker still on the car, jogging, bicycle riding in the street and not obeying the traffic laws, Morons!! I'm sorry if you live in an apartment you probably should get a dog or animal that fits your environment! Owning a dog that has one poop movement that weighs more than a newborn child is probably not a apartment animal!! Get a cat! I think it is more the lifestyle of you need to make room for me and my pooping dog, because I chose to live in a place that would not support a big animal! So you need to understand why I let my dog Poop in your lawn! Shoot, why don't you just own a horse and when it needs to go poop you could take it out of the house and then carry a Garbage bag with you!! I'm sorry that is just they way I feel, and I am in touch with my liberal side right now so you need to make room for me and my pooping!!

Next out of the donut box.... a Maple bar! Mmm maple bars!!! The best donut ever!! Don't you want to eat one right now Wyatt!!! MMMMMM.... Ooops sorry got carried away! Every one needs to go over to CaptB. and welcome the capt. home and thank him and his marines for there service to our country. Because they are the best ever!!!

Next out of the donut box.... Creme filled Chocolate bars, BLEH!!! This donut is very decieving, you don't know until you bite into it that is filled with creme!! Kind of like when a Lesbian runs for King in a homecoming at a Liberal arts College!! What is up with that!! Your a girl!!! Can a man run for Queen just because he is gay!! I think the prequisite would be that you need all the proper appendages to be either a Man or a Woman! King or Queen! Hey..... Wait a minute.... If your a queer man you can run to be a Queen!! HA HA HA! I kill my self!! Whoo Hooo!

What is your favorite donut? And no Wyatt, you can't say all of them!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

His name is Raaaaalph!!

Today while driving to work I saw an idiot walking her dog. This idiot had a plastic bag in her hand so that when the dog took a dump she could bend over and pick the steaming pile up with the bag and reverse it so that she now had the dogs "dookie" in the bag!! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TOO!!! When you do this you are in servitude to the dog and not the other way around!! If you don't have the room to let the dog do its business in your own yard then get rid of the dog!! Think about it!! You are stooping down to pick up your dogs POOP with a bag around your hand!! I wouldn't even do that for my own children!! Out comes the shovel and throw it over into the neighbors yard!! J/K! (Julz, that means Just Kidding!) People we need to get some common sense here! Get a cat, or a hamster or something! You look like Cheech and Chong following your dog around trying to catch it before it hits the ground!! Pleeeeeease people for the love of Pete, get a pet that fits your situation!! And quit picking up poop!! It's just gross!!