Monday, February 06, 2006

As Joe Pesci says, OK, OK, OK, you always get screwed in the drive thru!

I know that I left out an intricate part of that line, but my Grandpa might read this some time and can't have him seeing that!!

1st off, Congratulations to the Pittsburg Steelers! The NFL Champions!

Now I know that I predicted a Seahawks win. And they would have if they had only had to play one team last night and not two. One team was in white, yellow and black jerseys and the other was in black and white stripes. Now before you go and write this little rant off as sour grapes let me assure you, I have always said play well enough that the refs can't decide the outcome of a game. That being said, the officiating was teh worst I have ever witnessed in a game. If I didn't know any better I'd say it was the 1919 World Series all over again, except the only "black sox" were on the officials.

From fantom holding calls to blown touchdown calls this SB was the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed. Where did they get these guys from a flag football rec league!!!? Case in point: Seattle was the second to last penalized team in the NFL, all of a sudden they forget how to play football?! The worst call of the game changed the whole dynamic of the game. The Seahawks had just completed a pass to the Steelers 2 yard line. Then pow comes out the flag back behind the line of scrimmage for a holding call. replays show there was no such holding, not even close! it was enough of a blown call that Al Micheals and the John "fat man" Madden made comment that "sometimes you just can't see the holding call" sarcasm off. Anyways crappy game with crappy out come!!

So now I will go eat some crow, something I am very good at!!


Anonymous fat, ugly brother-in-law said...

I'm glad to see it wasn't just me. It was so bad that I couldn't help to think there had to be a bigger conspiracy at work than just poor calls. The game was called very tightly against the Seahawks - every call negated a potentially game altering play. These were, as one of the commentators mentioned at half-time, "ticky-tacky calls". Sure, the Seahawks did make some bone-headed mistakes (right before halftime) and dropped too many balls, but the Hawks were definitely the better team out there. If the zebras would have let them play, the Hawk's would have won convincingly. Super Bowls should not be determined by officials. I'm officially protesting!

The sad thing is that the Steelers will be heroes and be glorified when in reality they were totally outplayed. Outside of one great Willie Parker run, a gadget play, and one long broken play. Seattle's defense shut them down. Unfortunately, style points don't count, because Seattle was obviously the better team on the field that day.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Ssssteve said...

Fugly, too true!

12:56 PM  
Anonymous FIAR said...

Championship teams overcome bad calls made in the FIRST QUARTER! Quit your whining.

Case in point

Also, did the officials make the kicker miss every kick he tried? Did the officials intercept the ball when the Sea splots could have put themselves back in the game. Did the officials manage the clock like a bunch of 4 year olds at the end?

No. The Sea schlocks choked. They didn't do what it takes to win. Blaming the refs is a farce, unless there was a crucial blown call in the last 2 minutes that I missed. I seem to remember the Sea slops keeping a ball that was originally ruled a fumble.

Quit being a p**sy.

9:37 PM  
Blogger wopanese said...

Funny, in every state but PA and OH, home of THE most annoying state university - any university that has the pretensious attitude of forcing their students to always use "THE" in front of their name is annoying... and overrated, but where was I? AHh yes, in every state but those 2, people overwhelmingly felt that the officiating directly affected the outcome of the game. We're talking a 3:1 margin. We can't ALL be crying...
Of course, I don't care - my team didn't even MAKE the playoffs... but that was a terribly called game and the Steelers were GIVEN the championship.

5:50 PM  

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