Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No Hippies allowed

Every one needs to go over to this Super Geeks blog!! He has a great blog and does such a good job!! Make him feel welcome!!


Anonymous linda said...

"Every little thing she does is magic....magic...magic..."


Should we make him feel as welcomed as you?? Just askin'! Holy cow, another blog!

9:35 PM  
Anonymous SK said...

Ssstevie, you are soooo slow!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Libby said...

HI Ssssteve!! no, you're not chopped liver (i don't think, anyway!). i've just been busy...errrr, lazy...

9:10 AM  
Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I know him personally!
(And the Rabbit Priest, too!)

1:11 PM  
Blogger Uber said...

It's so done I almost fell outa my chair in the process.

Ok, not really. Only do that on Fri/Sat night. *g* Stil, I made the geekster feel all welcome, yes I did.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous FIAR said...

You gotta love anyone who uses the name "Anti-Hippie." Especially when related to JimmyB.

4:37 PM  
Blogger The Anti-Hippie said...

Thanks for the linky-love Ssssteve

5:31 PM  

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