Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are you crying?, There is no crying in baseball!!!

In this case blogging! I don't go crying to momma everytime I get hurt! Anybody who knows me, knows that! I have never complained, all the years of playing organized sports, that the refs had cost me a game. I just made you pay the next game by whipping your butt! Looking over my last post, I see where it might have been construed that I was whining about the refs! I congratulated the Steelers on their Superbowl win! I stated that you can't let the refs beat you! Man, I am not even a Seahawks fan!! I am not even a NFC fan. I love the AFC. I grew up being a Raiders fan and while living in Missouri have come to be a Cheifs fan!! If you will look at this post you will see that I love Bill Cower and the Bus!! I was rooting for them to get a ring. That being said. Now listen to your big brother Fitch! (remember you adopted me as your big brother)

The officiating stunk something awful! plain and simple! Now Fitch left a link to a post of his that says it all about overcoming bad calls. There were bad calls in that Steelers/Colts game and bad calls in the Superbowl! Enough said.


Anonymous FIAR said...

Dang Ssssteve. I was going to leave a comment that "there's no crying in football." (to misquote from A League of their Own) Get outta my head.

Yes I remember adopting you. Brothers have their quarrels though.

Thanks for the front page link.


9:45 AM  
Blogger Ssssteve said...

Yes, they do, and they are usually worse than others! Ha. Reminds me of some I've had with my other brahs!! Good times!!

12:20 PM  

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