Monday, December 19, 2005

Worst Day trip of my Life

Yesterday was the worst! My family, me, my wife and children, are eating at a pizza joint in Portland. Well, about 2 pm it starts snowing! WOO HOO, right?!..... WRONG!!! We finish up eating, and get in The Van. I capitalize that because it is a 12 passenger Ford van. We have 4 children, so we need the room. Doing our part to screw with the environmentalists! Where was I... Oh yeah, we hit the road at 2:30 pm. I make the decision to head to the freeway entrance by the mall, to head north back to Washington. Bad decision. Right about the time we get on the road leading to the freeway, EVERYONE in the mall decides to leave and hurry home before it gets too bad. Now we have a traffic jam. It is just 4 blocks to the freeway onramp. It takes 4.5 HRS to drive that 4 blocks! Not 4 minutes, or even 40 minutes, but 4.5 stinking hours!!! Once my wife got out of The Van and went grocery shopping while we were stuck in traffic! Then another time I let her drive and I went and got coffee and hot chocolate for the kids! So now its 7pm and we are finally on the freeway heading north. We go 5 miles doing about 20 mph. Feels like we are doing 100, after sitting still all day. We run into another traffic jam, this one on the freeway! We sit there for about an hour. Nobody is moving mind you! I happen to look at the fuel gauge and it is reading right of the Empty red mark. GREAT! Now we are going to run out of GAS! No exits is site! Now there is freezing rain and all the offramps are frozen ice! So I get on the shoulder and pass all the cars sitting there on the freeway. I am sure I know what was being said about us in every car! But I had to get fuel or we were going to be stuck! I travel about 5 miles on another freeway and find a gas station. The only problem is after we get fuel we will have to go back down that freeway to get back to the other. Problem is this freeway is gridlocked going the way we need to go!! I can't win by this point! So needless to say we just found a nice hotel, had a 5 star meal at the golden arches, and finished our trip this morning! WOW! Sorry for the long read but I think you will all get my point, about being the worst day trip of my life!!!!


Anonymous Mom said...

First with Mom flair....hee hee. Took us 3 hrs to travel 20 miles. I thought ours was bad. But yours was the trip from h---.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

I told hubby the traffic up there was worse than Houston and he didn't believe me...he will now:) Thanks! You'll hate me but I was complaining yesterday cause it took me 15 minutes to go 6 miles. You made me feel all kinds of good this morning!

5:36 AM  
Blogger Uber said...

Yeah, I'm thinking trip from h--- pretty much covers that one. lol Glad to hear you made it... eventually.

1:21 PM  
Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

How much beer did it take to get back to normal?

Glad you made it through ok, though!

2:23 PM  
Blogger Libby said...

never mind about the beer you needed after you got home...The Van was sitting still most of the day...ergo, "drunk driving, officer? I'm not driving.."

3:03 PM  
Anonymous linda said...

Wasn't that a movie with Chevy Chase?
Every time one of the news people talks about a white Xmas, I want to throw something at the tv! These people seem to have forgotten what it was like with no heat for a week when we had a snow storm! That killed my desire for a white Xmas--permanently!

3:41 PM  
Blogger Ssssteve said...

Mom, quit rubbing it in!

SK, I will take your weather in the winter anytime!! summer is a different story though!

Uber, eventually is right!

CUG, no beer just I was Kramered out on coffee though!

Libby, Yeah not much moving going on!

Linda, pretty much did it in for me too!!

3:45 PM  

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