Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Whooo hoooo time to pig out!! All the "joecool" you can eat! Oops I mean Turkey!! Ha what a dork my brother is! Seriously though, Happy Thanksgiving to every one! What a great time of the year! I look forward to the start of the holiday season, thanksgiving now, CHRISTMAS next month, my birthday next month, awesome baby!!

As I think about this holiday and what it stands for. Traditionally celebrated as a time of thanksgiving to God for His blessings to us. And I thank Him for the most important blessing and that is the blood His Son shed that I might be saved from my sins! That truly is the greatest blessing and should be always be at the top of my thanksgiving list, and it ought to be daily!

I'm thankful of the wife that God has provided me with! What a wonderful thing it is to know that I have someone to fight my battles with! Someone that loves me for me! She knows me better than anyone, she sees me at my best and at my worst! And still there with me after 17 years! Wow what a woman!!

I'm thankful for 2 loving parents, Mom and a Dad, not 2 mom's or 2 dad's! Who saw fit to discipline me and teach me wrong from right! Who taught me that life is not fair. And you get out of life what you put into it! What great parents!

I'm also thankful for my blogging friends! You guys are awesome! Always helping when I ask for it, reading my drivel, and writing great stuff that makes me laugh and makes me mad! I couldn't be associated with a better group of bloggers!!

Last but not least by any stetch! I am thankful for our Armed Forces! What a great bunch of MEN and WOMEN! I capitalized that for a reason! I hate it when people say, "we're sending our kids out to fight this war" These people aren't kids, or children like I heard them called today on the radio! These are fighting Men and Women who are the best at what they do! The best military in the world! I get to go back and forth to my grocery store, work, gym, Mom's house, families homes without even thinking that it might not be safe! Think about that for a minute! We don't even blink when we go somewhere in this great Country of ours! We just get in the car, plane, train, boat and go. Awesome! All because they keep us safe and do those things that others would not to keep us that way! Thanks to all of them!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will see ya on the flip side of the weekend!!

Oh yeah, and if you haven't read the post below this one, you gotta do it! It is worth your while!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need a tissue...*sniffle, sniffle*

And a huge AMEN on the ultimate act of selflessness, for which we should be most grateful.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous linda said...

I agree with you! When you pick yourself off the floor--you forgot something! I'm thankful to know people with a sense of humor who can not only laugh at themselves but provide endless fits of giggles for others! Wear some suspenders tomorrow when you're stuffung your face! Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

6:57 PM  
Blogger Wyatt Earp said...



Have a great day, tomorrow!

9:25 PM  
Blogger Ssssteve said...

Wyatt, you didn't copyright it!!!

10:06 PM  
Blogger wrecksE said...

Well said, and Happy Thanksgiving. Wish I could be there but I'll catch ya in L'ville.

4:20 AM  
Blogger jbhly said...

Sob.Sob. Sob. Yeah right. What have you done? Are you storing up tokens? Don't think your dad won't still email you and ask "Where were you Wednesday night?" Either that or you are really working it up for a good birthday meal. Face it dude, you are headed to Chuck E Cheese just like the rest of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

9:10 AM  
Blogger JoeCool1013 said...

I was thinking what a great take and how you are the great brother I have always looked upto until...
until you said you were free to go to the gym. The GYM?!?!?! The last time you worked out in a gym was when you tongue wrestled tonya under the bleachers in 7th grade. And then I told mom! HAHAHA!!!
Seriously man, I am thankful you are my big bro! I Love ya man!!
See ya in a few!!

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, as always Ssssteve.

Hope you and your family have an equally beautiful Thanksgiving. :)

11:21 AM  
Blogger kateykakes said...

Hope you and your family have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, Steve.

Enjoy. :)

12:26 PM  
Blogger Insolublog said...

They aren't kids

They are also smarter than most adults in our civilian population, including a certain unthankful senator from my state. Happy Thanksgiving Ssssteve.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

I hope you and yours had a good one Steve!

9:27 AM  

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